We Found a Nice Little Place

We needed a new place and after looking for luxury apartments for Manassas VA we sort of chanced on the fact that we could get a little house that would cost us less. In fact the place that we found is probably smaller than most apartments, but the price is really good and with the two of us we can afford it and have a lot of money left over for other things. In fact we are thinking that it is not going to be so hard for us to save up the down payment for another house that is like this one. So long as it is just Emily and myself there a place like this is almost perfect for us and it is pretty easy to take care of as well. The landlord knocks a few dollars off of the rent if I mow the grass, which is not a very big deal.

I got a little reel mower and so I do not have to buy gas or worry about getting it to start. In the front yard it takes about fifteen minutes and I get a pretty good workout as well. The back yard does not even take that long. There is an apple tree back there, one which produces really nice tasting fruit. and a lot of shrubbery and that sort of thing. Between all of it there just is not much room left for grass and you can almost stand in one spot and mow all of it without moving. It only takes me about ten minutes to do the entire job, not even long enough for that mower to start to work on your muscles. It is not enough work to merit much of a thought. So taking care of the yard is barely a problem.


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