An Apartment for Me and My Sister

I had no idea how I was going to make life work out in my favor. My sister needed a place to stay, and I wanted to help her. However, I also knew that we would end up driving each other crazy too. We love each other but we are also very different from one another too. Money was not an issue for me, but it is for her. That is why I figured we could look at luxury apartments for rent in South Charlotte and get one together, if we found one that we both liked.

While money was not a problem for me, I still knew that I would not be able to afford two apartments because it would also be paying all of the utilities twice as well. Before I suggested anything to her, I looked at the different complexes in the city, and I found exactly what I needed at City Park View South. The two bedroom apartment there is really like two mini apartments, in my opinion anyway. We would both have our own spaces, and a lot of it too, then we could share the common areas like the living room and dining rooms, the kitchen, and the laundry.

What really appealed to me most about this apartment is that we would be on separate ends of it. The apartment is quite large, so that is really a nice aspect of it. My room and private bath is on the far end, and I also have my own private balcony. She has the same at her end. She has her own bedroom, a full bath, and also her own private balcony. I knew that we could live together with this layout, and she agreed that she thought it was perfect too. I am so glad that this is working out!


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