It’s Always Good to Come Home to Brandon

There’s nothing like returning to your home town after being all over the world. I felt home in my freshman year of college and since then I’ve been traveling a lot. I spent two semesters in Japan, did some hiking across Europe, and traveled to Africa. While all of those places are great, they just can’t compare to Brandon. I came back because I wanted to find apartments for rent in Brandon FL and live there permanently. Having my own apartment was something that I dreamed about since I was a young boy living in my parents house. I always thought it would be cool to be on my own and not have to obey any rules or do any chores. Now that I’m older, I see that I still have to deal with those things.

Since I’m the only one living in my apartment, I have to do all of the chores. Every floor gets swept, every rug is vacuumed, both sinks are scrubbed, and I even have to take out the garbage. Also, since I have a job, I still have to obey my boss’ wishes, or else I’ll get fired and won’t have any money to pay for my apartment, which would leave me homeless. I love my job, but it’s still a situation where I have to take orders from other people. If I were my own boss, I would’t have to answer to anyone, but the responsibilities would be greater.

I haven’t really thought about any plans for starting a family, but if it happens, it would be nice to raise them in the same town where I grew up. Things will be much different for them because of how society is now, but they’ll get a good childhood just the same. I try not to think too far into the future about that, because I don’t even have a girlfriend.


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