I Like Everything About My New Apartment

I was born in Nevada and raised in California. I had never been to the east coast prior to my move to Georgia last year, so I was not really sure what to expect. I certainly did not think that I was going to fit in as quickly as I did and really enjoy it too. It all started after I was asked if I wanted to have a lateral move that would move me up the ladder quicker. I looked at a few websites to check out how much an apartment in Tucker GA would cost first, then saw that it would be very easy to support myself on the income I would be making.

One of the nice things about moving from a city like Los Angeles is that the rent just about anywhere else has to be cheaper. Not only was I able to find an apartment that was less money than what i was spending in California, but it was also a lot bigger too. I had a large studio apartment, but it was still on the small side compared to the one bedroom apartment I was able to snag up quickly in Georgia.

I fell in love with it for two reasons. First, there is an office space right when you walk into the door. I loved that I would have my own office space so I would not have to clutter up my coffee table or dining room table anymore. I also liked that there is a washer and dryer in the laundry room that’s right off the kitchen. The bathroom is very large too, and it has two entrances. One is from my bedroom, and the other is from the dining room. I love the apartment, I love my new job here, and I love all the friends I am making here at the complex.


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